Dowsing workmen reviewing plans for underground services

Dowsing Group provides a comprehensive range of underground services to civil and building contractors serving public utility clients in the Perth Metropolitan Area and throughout Regional Western Australia.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Our core underground service capability is in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and trenchless excavation and tunnelling.

With HDD, we can install cable and other conduits for gas, water, power and communication services in built up communities and regional areas with minimal surface disruption.

Horizontal Directional Drilling has an number of benefits

  1. HDD minimises the works impact on both community life and traffic which means minimal disruption to households, businesses and traffic flow in the area of work.
  2. HDD allows for shorter project completion times and lower costs.
  3. HDD provides for high levels of community safety with minimal environmental impact.

We have built and designed our HDD teams to be flexible to meet your needs. We’re capable of mobilising at speed within the Perth metro area and throughout Regional Western Australia.

We can successfully deliver ‘high risk’ projects over all terrain including built up suburban communities, cities and in heavily congested industrial areas.

Civil works

Civil works and trenching are a core component of our offering. Regardless of the job size we can scale to meet your excavation and deep driller earthing needs to meet your requirements.

  • Trench excavation
  • Pit and pipe work
  • Asbestos removal and disposal
  • Manhole construction and repairs
  • Rodding and roping
  • External port node cabinets installation
  • Cross connection installation
  • Detailed earthworks
  • Commercial site works
  • Installation of gas, water and power conduits
  • Drainage systems

Dowsing underground services large drainage sump construction

Cable Laying and Cable Testing

Cable laying, testing and jointing form an integral part of our underground services capability. We provide a turnkey solution to contractors and builders who can confidently rely on us to deliver on-time and within budget.

  • Cable hauling
  • Cable laying
  • Cable testing
  • Cable jointing and optic splicing

Service Supervision, Management & Control

Experience in service supervision and management is critical for any trenching or underground excavation project carried out within built up areas. Dowsing provides a comprehensive range of service supervision and location services.

  • Service location and protection
  • High pressure gas supervision
  • High voltage distribution cable supervision
  • Ground penetrating radar service location
  • Substation equipment installation

Reinstatement works

We have many years of experience in reinstatement work, including; repairs and maintenance of roads, hardscapes and pathways, driveways and carparks. Our reinstatement services include:

  • Paving and reticulation landscaping reinstatement
  • Concreting
  • Asphalt repairs
  • Brick paving repair & maintenance
  • Streetlight replacement and erection

Ancillary Underground Services

Dowsing Group provides a range of ancillary services to support our underground services division to ensure all projects run smoothly and with minimal disruption to traffic and existing roads and infrastructure.

  • Traffic management
  • Labour hire

If your underground service needs are not listed here, then just speak with us for a custom solution.