Dowsings slipform concrete machine in action constructing a freeway barrier

Slipform technology enables Dowsing Group to make precision concrete hardscaping. Our machinery produces continuous, non-interrupted, cast-in-place concrete structures with an exceptional finish, including:

  • Concrete footpath construction
  • Barrier walls
  • Irrigation and landscape construction
  • ‘V’ Drains
  • Kerb and channel

Motivated by a desire for efficiency, driven by innovation and determined to improve outcomes for clients, Dowsing has invested in three slipform concrete machines – a Gomaco 3600, Gomaco Commander III and Wirtgen SP25. Each machine differs in size and capability providing Dowsing great flexibility in the size and scope of projects that can be delivered using a slipform concrete solution.

Advantages of Slipform Concrete

Slipform concrete allows increased levels of productivity to reduce overall construction time and deliver cost savings. It reduces noise and vibration, provides a lower risk of damage to existing assets and natural features, and produces increased consistency of product.

Concrete slipform machine building a freeway barrier perth Freshly constructed slipform concrete footpath by Dowsing

Compared to traditional, pre-cast and formwork concrete which uses ‘sectional construction’ to form elements, slipform concrete delivers a superior product because it is manufactured without joints, delivering improved performance characteristics.

The technology relies on the quick-setting properties of concrete. The operator requires a balance between quick-setting capacity and workability so that the material can be formed and packed, yet be quick-setting enough to emerge from the plant with intrinsic structure and strength.

Dowsing’s Innovation

Always seeking to innovate, Dowsing Group has abandoned string lines in favour of cutting-edge technology. We have modified our Commander III concrete machine to include a Millimetre GPS+ which uses GPS positioning together with a zone laser reference to deliver unparalleled accuracy and enhanced productivity.

Recently, Dowsing’s slipform concrete machines have delivered in excess of 15 kilometres of concrete safety barriers on both the Mitchell Freeway North and Roe Highway upgrades.

Dowsings latest slipform concrete machine

Dowsing Group is based in WA but has the capacity to service the whole of Australia, and continues to set the standard for excellence in a tough and competitive industry. Read our Collie Motorplex case study to see how we mobilised and provided a slipform concrete barrier solution in a regional area far from a concrete plant.

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