Robertson Road Reserve Cycling and Pedestrian Upgrade

Designed to increase pedestrian and cyclist usage in the Kingley area, (especially to and from the Greenwood Train Station), the Robertson Road Cycleway is an architecturally designed shared pathway which stretches over 1300m.

Running from the Mitchell Freeway to Barridale Drive it replaces the former cycleway which had fallen into disrepair and provides a safe delineation between cyclists and pedestrians using the cycleway.

The project consists of:

  • 2750m2 of red laterite asphalt with 1% red oxide mix;
  • 1200m2 of red laterite asphalt;
  • 1700m of flush beam;
  • 200m of mountable kerb;
  • 1000m of limestone edging delineation; and
  • Eight limestone block walls with specialist seating.

The Dowsing Group also installed of a water fountain, electrical and communication conduits for future works. The project was successfully completed with zero environmental or safety incidents.