The Dowsing Group is built on strong values that influence how the business operates.

Our people are committed to the Dowsing Way. Our Company Values guide how we deal with each other, our clients and the communities we work in.

Be respectful

As we strive to build a collaborative and inclusive team, we need to build trust between each other. Trust is created when we treat people with respect and become accepting of differences.

Be courageous & have a crack

Everyone is empowered to be true to their own self and have a real go. To take responsibility, show initiative and not allow fear itself to be our enemy.

Own our stuff ups

Our success is generated from the learnings and understanding of our stuff ups. Every problem is a gift, an opportunity for each of us to deliver more and create a positive impact.

Be open to change

In order to continue to develop the best version of Dowsing Group, those working within it must have a mindset open to change and improvement.

Support each other

We encourage each team member to have empathy for others on the team. We will build alignment by developing friendship, loyalty, co-operation, enthusiasm and industriousness.

Give a shit & celebrate our work

We strive to engage employees who are passionate about the work they do and how they go about doing it. Putting in the hard work and celebrating the results.


Dowsing took part in the 2018 Family Business Survey from KPMG Enterprise and Family Business Australia (FBA). The video looks at how Dowsing strikes the balance between the wellbeing of the family and the business. Video produced by KPMG and FBA.

With a track record that began in 1985, Dowsing Group has been the trusted partner of local government, the industrial and commercial sectors in WA. We build outstanding infrastructure that positively enhances the landscape while connecting and serving the community.

As a family owned business with community values we operate under the principle, “we care, we innovate, we deliver” using this as our measure, Dowsing Group delivers Hardscapes, Civil, Recycling and Slip-Form services of exceptional quality.